John Bot "Six Pillars" Artist Edition Moon

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“The Six Pillars of Robot Worship” is a special artist edition of The Moon flatpack yo-yo, as illustrated by John W. Robot, one of the yo-yo community’s most beloved illustrators.

The Moon is a playable yo-yo model kit lasercut from a single flat piece of wood. It can be built into a wider string trick shape, or a traditional looper, or just left in its disc as an art print. We have been assured that careful study of its tenets may just provide the secret to surviving any future robot uprisings we will inevitably encounter.

John is an artist known in the yo-yo community for his creative tricks & unique style; his “John Bot Tricks Old & New” series in particular has been a consistent inspiration & reminder to us that yoyoing needs to be fun. When he is not working as an illustrator, he can be found yoyoing for CLYW or making questionable decisions for Team Chubby Lovin’.

Each piece comes with a cotton string, along with a Team Chubby Lovin' Seal of Approval sticker & button.

More information, including assembly instructions, can be found here.