The Moon - Flatpack Yo-Yo

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The Moon is a playable yo-yo model kit lasercut from a single flat piece of wood. Pop the pieces out & fit them together to build a fully functional yo-yo, in either a traditional looper or a wider string trick shape. 

Made & designed in the USA. Lasercut from 1/8″ Birch & packed in a hand-screened record sleeve. 

For maximum playability, we recommend choosing one of the two basic shapes & gluing it together. More information about The Moon's assembly can be found here.

The Moon Flatpack YoYo is designed to be played. It is worth noting, though, that its construction naturally makes it lighter & more delicate than traditional yoyos. For this reason, we ask that you take care during assembly & while attempting risky tricks. Due to the high spinning speed of even lightweight yoyos, we highly recommend the use of glue during assembly.