Rhythm Metal Yo-yo

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The Rhythm is our first high end metal yo-yo. Precision machined aluminum with a large bearing & four choices of solid color anodizing. The Rhythm is the signature model for Hank Freeman, 44RPM co-founder & three time 3A world champion, presenting his ideal shape for all-around everyday play at an affordable price point. Hank's design was implemented & engineered by Brazilian National Yo-yo Master Rafael Matsunaga, the brains behind the now-classic Barracuda. To top it off, Rodrigo Yokota (aka Whip) provided beautiful illustrations for the engravings. The result is a sleek & stylish modern throw perfect for one- or two-handed play.

Technical Specifications

Diameter: 56mm

Width: 44mm

Weight: 66g

Response system: Replaceable 19mm pads

Included bearing: Center Track Made in China. 

Photos by Shawn Garcia.