The Penny Flatpack Kendama

$ 30.00

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The Penny is a player-oriented update to the Flatpack Kendama. This toy expands on the lasercut fun of the original with the addition of slots to press fit pennies on the cups & the tama. This increases by the weight by a full 66%, making it easier than ever to land crazy tricks.

Like the original Flatpack Kendama, the Penny reexamines the classic toy through the lens of a playable model kit, lasercut from a single flat piece of wood. Pop the pieces out & fit them together to build a beautiful & highly functional kendama, great for both expanding your collection & sharpening your skills.

Click here for more information on the Penny, including assembly instructions.

The Penny is designed to be played. It is worth noting, though, that its construction naturally makes it lighter & more delicate than traditional kendamas. For this reason, we ask that you take care during assembly & while attempting risky tricks, and consider using glue.