The Funk Kendama

$ 25.00

44RPM proudly presents our first solid kendama, the Funk, featuring an original ken design by Takeshi Kamisato. Maple construction with a slightly grippy 3-stripe tama in a hand-screened burlap bag.

The Funk features a number of updates to the traditional ken shape for increased durability, higher performance, & a funky aesthetic:

  • A thickened spike to match the new beefier sarado & extend ken life overall.

  • A reshaped, extra sturdy sarado designed for maximum lunar weight while cleanly fitting the contours of the tama.

  • Narrowed lower handle for improved balance; adjusting of the center of gravity improves both lunar balance and j-stick rotation.

  • Lower string hole on the handle to prevent exposure as the sarado settles.

Tama stripe colors inspired by '70s muscle cars, as is the "Super Bee" logo for the bag.